Frequently Asked Questions

Ebisu Finance is a codeless and blockchain agnostic suite of token management tools. Ebisu’s platform lets users create as well as lock tokens, automate token vesting, trade locked tokens, create smart contracts and even perform smart contract audits. $BISU stakers get discounted fees and exclusive access to certain features. Also, Ebisu gives everyone access to transparent and detailed information of tokens and LP locked by a project, along with it’s vesting schedule details.

Ebisu is a multichain platform which supports all EVM chains. Currently the BSC, FTM and AVAX chain are live and soon we will enable all other chains.

Smart contract constructor is used to create new tokens. Projects can go to our “Smart contract constructor” and create new tokens without using any code. You just need to enter all the information on the dashboard, required for a new token, and Ebisu will generate new tokens.

Send us your email ID with github / source code url. Our team will check and connect with you for further details.

Yes, there is a fee for all the services on our platform. You can pay in $BISU for a discounted price.

Projects and users can create customised duration of token locks. By simply adding the duration of lock, the tokens (or LP tokens) will be locked in our audited smart contract and released only after the stipulated time period. The token lock duration, unlock date is publicly visible on Ebisu website.

Vesting means locking a certain percentage or amount of tokens and releasing them on a specified schedule. Projects vest tokens to make sure that one or a certain number of initial investors or team members don’t cash out and leave the project. Vesting ensures that the team tokens and other marketing tokens are locked for a specific time period, as defined in the tokenomics to ensure trust in the community.

Projects lock the investor’s and team’s tokens in a time-released smart contract with vesting conditions, as defined in the tokenomics. .Information of the vesting schedule will be available for all on the project's profile page, on our website.

Ebisu has developed a unique marketplace where anyone can trade unvested tokens. This is a premium feature for $BISU holders

Detailed information for projects, using Ebisu tools, is available on the profile page for each project, on our website. The information is accessible by everyone and provides details about LP locked, tokens locked along with vesting schedule and wallet information

Get access to audit tools & Marketplace for trading unlocked tokens. 50% of the fee earned, in tokens other than $BISU, will be used to buyback and burn $BISU.